Our history begun when our values were on the line.


Established circa 2016, our non-profit organization was actualized from the ever present need to yield aid to disenfranchised persons. By developing and fostering philanthropic relationships, we strive to build a network designed to aid the community at large. Through sponsor donations and contributions, we know we can impress a global footprint.  

Established circa 2016, our non-profit organization was actualized to provide support to persons whom identify as LGBT. We pride ourselves on being a charitable presence for the community. Our aspirations are to culminate a society in which everyone is treated with fairness, equality and respect; a place where individuals can reach their full potential and be able to count on one other to advance forward in life.

'We're here to create legacy,' said Griffin Gram, founder of the CNF, and with a launch such as this lined up, the Community Nest Foundation looks set to establish a covetable annual award. 



Our work is designed to increase the knowledge, skills, abilities and self-confidence of LGBT persons which results in an overall improvement in the health and well-being of the community at large. We constantly and consistently partner with other organizations who also share similar beliefs and values such as these for the advancement of the LGBT community.

By working together and as one, we firmly believe that we can better the lives of LGBT people and secure a future that is safe and equal for all.